jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Miniartextil 2014 GEA. Cristina Gámez is selected to take part in a new edition with the piece " Dialogue between gardens: Hesperides versus Eden "

"Dialogue between gardens: Hespérides versus Eden"

To speak about Gea I have used the metaphor of the garden since this one represents to the nature but domesticated, the nature transcribed to the human language.The garden implies a reflection on the art, the beauty, the nature and the language. " Both the landscape and the garden provide with form to the nature in the process of being constructed as aesthetic object, but this form that in case of the landscape is often symbolic and, therefore, ideological, in case of the garden it is always dialectical.” It is of this dialectical capacity wherefrom his modern beauty is born. In case of both gardens that they compose in a dialogue in this offer, the Garden of Eden is a symbolic garden in which we find the tree of the knowledge of the good and of the evil and the Garden of the Hespérides is a literary, allegoric garden. Both gardens have jointly the tree, it is a question of a tree with the gift to grant a type to themof knowledge to whom it was eating it fruit. According to the bible from the ingestion of it fruit Adam and Eve receive knowledge of their nudity before the God's eyes, lose their innocence,their state of divine grace and by it they are expelled from the paradise. Though the christianity across the Bible always has seen this as a historical truth, many experts in myths have interpreted the myth of the tree as the access of the human being to the conscience of himself from the use of the language, the tools and the culture, drifting apart from a "primitive(original)" condition(state) of animality, ideal, in the Garden of the Eden. Curiously, the golden apples of the tree of the Garden of the Hespérides give the immortality to the man. The apple trees were planted of the branches by fruit that GEA had given to Era as gift of her wedding with Zeus and to the Hespérides that were a few nymphs one entrusted them the task of taking care of these fruits. The term Hesperia was applied first to Italy and then to Hispania, always in poetical language, but the garden of the Hespérides placed in a place in the western ocean around Morocco, in the Atlas and, more former, in a few islands in the atlantic ocean, the islands of Fortunate (Canary Islands).

Contextile 2014 Portugal. Cristina Gámez is selected to take part in the exhibition "Cabos Sueltos" exhibition that represents Spain in this Biennial